Creative Industry

Creative & Knowledge-Based Industry

Richmond: Virginia's Creative Capital

We’re a city known for our creativity, our innovation, and our ability to take ideas and create real solutions. With over 150 companies in the creative and knowledge-based industry, particularly in advertising, architecture, engineering and the burgeoning film and music industry, you will be locating in a city becoming well-known as a center for creativity.


Richmond is home to over 50 advertising companies, including some of the top firms in the country including The Martin Agency, Big River Advertising and West Cary Group.  

Architecture & Engineering

Richmond attracts nationally-recognized architecture and engineering firms and is home to over 200 companies in this industry cluster. From Baskervill & Son, Moseley Architects, SMBW, Glave & Holmes to VHB and Timmons Group, RVA attracts the top firms that design and build communities across the country.

Legal Services

Richmond has the highest concentration of lawyers and law firms in Virginia. Hunton & Williams, McGuireWoods, Pinckney C. Cotesworth, Williams Mullen, Trautman Sanders, LeClairRyan, Hirschler Flischer are just a sampling of the firms located in the city. 

Motion Picture, Video & Sound Production

Over 50 companies in the motion picture, sound and video production industry are located in the city, complimenting and supporting the advertising and other creative industries. From In Your Ear to Dreams Factory to Meade Management Corporation, the RVA film and music industry is a burgeoning cluster.


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