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News & Publications

Richmond: Virginia's Newsworthy Capital

In the past few years, the city of Richmond has been a popular conversation piece - at the national and international media level. From being named "Hoopstown USA" to winning the 2015 UCI World Cycling Championship location, to being the location Steven Spielberg chose to film "Lincoln", Richmond is hitting the news via print, web and video. Click the below links to learn more.

National Press Coverage

Richmond is featured often in national publications such as the New York Times and Washington Post, has been featured on TV on CNN, ESPN, and often is highlighted in magazines such as Southern Living and The Atlantic. Click here to read more.

Accolades & Awards

Every year Richmond garners accolades for being a best city to live, work, play, retire, be a working mother, paddle, commute, make movies, and the list just keeps going. Click here to view a comprehensive list of recent accolades.

Press Releases

Under the Mayor Stoney's administration, Richmond is building new schools, helping local businesses expand, and raising the level of workforce preparedness, quality of life and educational opportunities for its citizens. Click here to read full press releases on the latest initiatives and successes.

ECD Daily News Blog

Richmond's local news networks showcase and report on all the latest real estate developments, business relocations and expansions and cultural opportunities. Click here to view the full ECD blog of these updates.

Publications and Studies

Each year, ECD publishes a series of informational pieces, including an Annual Report, Community Profile, and new this year, our Strategic Commercial Corridor Booklet. Click here to view and download these and other ECD publications.



Video Library

Hear from local business and community leaders about why they chose the city of Richmond as the place to locate their business, run their organization, live, learn and play. Click here to view the full video library.




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