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Richmond: Virginia's Vibrant Capital


The CARE Program, administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development, is designed to revitalize mature neighborhood commercial districts, primarily in the city's low and moderate-income communities. The eleven (11) CARE Program areas are:

Brookland Park Boulevard

Originally developed in the 1890's, the Brookland Park corridor is currently enjoying renewed public and private reinvestment as the surrounding north side neighborhoods revitalize and become home to new residents.

Fulton Hill

Fulton Hill is a working-class neighborhood full of charming bungalow-style houses. Located near Rockettes Landing, Fulton Hill serves as the home of Stone Brewing's east coast hub.

Hull Street

Located in the south bank of the James River, Hull Street and the surrounding Manchester neighborhood is teeming new development and an influx of new companies locating here and residential and commercial development occurring.

Jackson Ward

Located just north of Broad Street, this neighborhood was once heralded as the "Harlem of the South". Today its charm remains, with businesses and residents flocking into the neighborhood once more and development being hot here.


This neighborhood is located at the intersection of two major thoroughfares in Northside and has a variety of businesses around it.

Meadowbridge Road

This neighborhood is anchored around a beautiful tree-lined Meadowbridge 

Midlothian Turnpike

One of the major gateways into the city from the south, this major boulevard provides direct access to both Southside neighborhoods and Chesterfield. It has a large selection of businesses along it.

North Avenue

This neighborhood as all the charm of a streetcar suburb with the convenience of easy access to Brookland Park.


Shockoe Slip and Shockoe Bottom are two of the most historic commercial centers in the country. Established on the northern banks of the James River in the 1600's, Shockoe is the heart of the city's commerce, trade, and transportation centers. Shockoe is currently experiencing extraordinary growth. Learn more.


Swansboro provides a bit of everything, featuring industry, business, and residential. Being a stone's throw away from Manchester but somewhat more secluded makes this an attractive neighborhood.

North 25th Street

Located in one of the most historic areas of the city in Church Hill, this corridor is a major gateway into the city from Interstate 64 and is one of the targeted areas by the Mayor for location of a grocery store. Learn more.





















































In addition to CARE, the Extra CARE Program operates in non-CARE commercial areas in need of revitalization and/or stablization. The two (2) Extra CARE areas are:


  • Belt Boulevard

  • Upper Hull Street

The progran operates through a partnership between local neighborhood merchants, residents, and the City of Richmond. ECD and the Richmond Economic Development Authority (EDA) provide technical assistance and business loans for CARE area businesses. Incentives are subject to availability of funds.

To learn about all of the CARE incentives, please click here.







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