Workforce Development For Job Seekers

Workforce Development - For Job Seekers

Richmond: Virginia's Working Capital

It's a great time to be in Richmond! The city is growing - every day new opportunities arise. Success can be found at the intersection where prior preparation meets opportunity. Richmond's Workforce Pipeline helps you plan your personal pathway to a bright and prosperous future.

Your Pathway to Success

Every week employers contact the Richmond Workforce Pipeline looking for qualified people to hire and the demand is growing. If you're looking for your next opportunity, we can help you build your personal pathway through the Pipeline.

What's Your Value Proposition?

To help you land your next position, we want you to start thinking like a small business. The mission of your small business is to satisfy just one customer - your next employer. So, what makes a customer chose one product over another? Value. When you buy something you've decided that product or service is worth more than it costs. When you interview, your potential employer is asking the same question. Will this person make me money? Save me money? Or solve some problem I have? The Richmond Workforce Pipeline helps you develop your value proposition that will get you hired!

Develop Your Pathway

The Pipeline helps motivated participants develop their own pathways. Participants take control of their careers by identifying their interests and aptitudes as part of developing individual Employment Development Plans. The Pipeline staff also helps connect participants to resources and training opportunities to fill the gaps that may be separating them from their employment goals.

Contact Us

If you are a motivated job seeker who would like help connecting to resources and opportunities through the Richmond Workforce Pipeline, please call 804.646.6464 or e-mail

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