BPOL Tax Relief Program


Richmond: Virginia's Working Capital


In 2013, the City of Richmond passed new legislation exempting all qualifying new businesses to the city for the time from paying BPOL tax for up to two years.

In order to receive the tax relief, contact the Finance Department to receive the BPOL Tax Relief Form.

A qualifying business is defined as a business that locates for the first time in the city of Richmond. A business will not be deemed to locate in the city for the first time based on a merger, acquisition, similar business combination, name change, or a change in business form. A business shall not be deemed to locate in the city for the first time if there is an existing business in the city trading under the same or substantially similar business name, the businesses conduct similar business activities, or the businesses are related either by a shared ownership structure or by a contractual relationship such as a franchise/franchisee relationship.

Click here to read the full ordinance.

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