Environment & Sustainability

Richmond: Virginia's Clean Capital

Through the City of Richmond's Green Richmond Initiative, the City is advancing its triple bottom line goals of sustainability to ensure our residents have the highest quality of life possible while improving the environment and enhancing economic development and job creation opportunities. 

Under the Green Richmond Initiative, five key focus areas have been identified, baseline measurements established, and goals, initatives and implementation strategies created. They are:

Economic Development

Includes cultivating green and local jobs, sustainable businesses and urban agriculture. Learn more about city initiatives. 


Includes encouraging energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and green power purchasing.  Learn more about city initiatives.


Includes promoting conservation and support of the natural world and natural resources including: air quality, and the management of solid waste and water resources. Learn more about city initiatives. 

Open Space and Land Use

Encourages sustainable land use patterns and protecting urban open spaces by focusing on topics such as the urban tree canopy, green spaces, mixed use developments and affordable housing. Learn more about city initiatives.


Focuses on sustainable modes of transportation and an improved infrastructure including bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure, complete streets, and parking. Learn more about city initiatives.


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